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Here is Application Form.


Here is Application Form.



Training for life

Would you be able to control your body 

the same way after some years passed?

There is a possibility

that your body would not be

the same as how it was

when you were younger. 

The changes would be more noticeable

as you get older. 

But there is a way to prevent it.

You can develop good habits,


and an ability to control your body

for a healthier lifestyle.

The sooner you take action, the better. 

Because your body in the future

would reflect how your daily life

in the present is.


what are the necessary things 

to do in order to better control your body

in the future?

You need to create a habit of being active

and establishing a correct posture,

and you also need to understand your body

while you do exercises.

Not only should

you depend on passive treatments

from osteopathic, massage, beauty salon,

or trainer but also do something

with your own power.

This is where I come along...



I will guide you to better understand
your body through my training program.

I based my program using science

which includes anatomy, kinematics,

physiology, neuroscience and nutrition.


These fields are always developing

which is why I always make sure

to provide up-to-date information 

to be able to respond to your demands.

I strive to offer you 

the best training possible.

1 - BREAthing

Know Your Breathing
to control thoracic (rib cage) 
and abdominal cavity

"Breathing is the start of the movement."


you need to check how you normally breathe

to improve the proper way of breathing.

You can control your lungs by breathing

but you cannot control your heart voluntarily.

By knowing the proper way of breathing,

it will promote good blood circulation,

improve your autonomic nervous system

and the ability to control

thoracic cage and abdominal cavity.

Know Your Axis
to control your head, spine,
pelvis and four limbs

2 - ​AXIS

"Centralize your movements

on your axis to move efficiently."


You need to practice standing 

or controlling your axis

to develop your sense of center. 


you need to move by centering your spine

but the center position may shift

depending on your daily habits.

You can correct your posture

through proper training.

It can affect the

connection of whole muscles,

and contraction of core muscles

to help give less stress to the joints.


Know your center of gravity
to move smoothly

"To control unconsciously"


You need to practice

smooth movements repeatedly

to improve your control of

the whole body. 

Our movement is affected

by gravity and the body's center of gravity,

and muscle contraction changes as well.

No matter what kind of

position you make,

you need to control your body.

By doing so, it promotes

harmonized breathing,

sense, nerve, and muscle

to help you stand and move smoother



Know your mind
to control your daily life

"Wholeheartedly enjoy being active

on a daily basis."

Last would be the hardest challenge

and that is how to continue training

while being excited about it.

Continuation is very important

in order to develop the habit of exercising

as part of your daily routine.

I would recommend exercises

that fit your individual lifestyle

or what you like doing

while I assess you during training.


清永 宏美
Hiromi Kiyonaga
​- Smooth -

Personal Trainer

Physical Therapist

I like to help people on

"How to be able to

move more efficiently."

I make efforts to broaden

my knowledge on how to assist people

with their movements or use their body easily.

Through my years of experiences,  

I have seen a lot of people 

not be able to move the way

they want to and feel sad about it.

I really hope everyone would know

how to prevent the worst case scenario. 

I can make training programs 

exclusively for women 

based on their individual problems.

Basically, I focus on functional training

for health rather than for appearance.


National University in Japan:

Kagoshima University

5 years of experience 

as a Physical Therapist



Trial Training −90 minutes−

Inclusive of pictures of your posture,

detailed assessment and exercise videos


​(Tax included) 


Especially only English speaker

¥8,000 / lesson  

(Tax included)  

I'm studying English now

so sometimes

we are difficult to communicate.

I'm sorry.

If you are fine this,

I will provide with discount price.

Regular Training −90 minutes−

Inclusive of pictures of your posture,

and exercise PDF


​(Tax included) 


The training could be done

in the comfort of your own home or in a hotel

should you demand.

I can travel within an hour from Tokyo by train.

Otherwise, a rental space is also possible

in case your own house is unavailable.

The fee, however,

will be at the expense of the client.

These conditions are flexible

and may change as per your request.
If you have any questions,

please feel free to contact me.

So first, I suggest to book the trial

to better understand the program.

Click here for the details.






​Instagram : @hirominpppp
Twitter : @Hitominpp
​e-mail : If you have any inquiries,
please enter your information
in the blank, and click send.


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