Training guided to useful body for life

Personal Trainer Hiromi

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I hope to less people

who suffer a hardship because of disorder.

I have seen a lot of people

who is crying not to be able to move.


Some of them could have been rescued

if they know how to use body when younger.


I act to rescue people

who may suffer a hardship.

I'm good at guiding posture improvement,

how to use body,

disability prevention especially due to aging

based on experiences of physical therapist.

I have no experiences of diet to be slim.

If you have a desire of experienced,

I'm sorry, please refrain.

(Height1.63cm, Weight45kg, Fat14.5%)

But I can tell habit from

my knowledge or experiences.


I'm good at finding the cause

and offer solution.

I will do my best in all sincerity.

Please leave it to me.


Our goal is useful body for life

than good appearance.

Basically, I guide you to be able to control

your body in life by yourself.

However, Goals are individual.

・I want to be flexible.

・I want to know exercises that I need.

・I want to improve my posture.

・I want to train not to injure during running.

・I want to improve performance ability.

・I want to do Pilates.

・I want to improve backache.

・I want to do Yoga.

・I want to return to my prenatal body.

・I want to know the way to keep present body.

・I want to know how good to walk.


I offer proper goal while I hear your need

and assess your body.


I don't assist you long term.

It's 3 months at most.

Because I want you to train independently

without wasting precious money or time

due to lack of care by yourself.

If you want to check or training

with me again after the term,

we can training again.


Almost of clients choose

once or twice a week

for from 2 to 3 months.


I will offer a plan individually,

Please feel free to ask anything.


What I am particular about is

incorporating exercise into daily basis.

Much exercises on weekend is

of course good

but you also can keep your body function

only daily basis

that care about your posture or how to move.

If you don't control your center of gravity,

your joint would injury.

If you don't use muscle,

your muscle would atrophy.

Overused muscle become stiff.

Muscle that do not stretch

become not to able to stretch.

If you don't use heart and lung,

that would waste away.

You need to notice these condition in daily basis

and care by yourself (exercise or stretching).


 In oder to that,

I tell you exercises that you need. 

I will send you information of

training or exercise video,

and I will also answer any questions

that you did not understand during training

with messages.


Another feature is "Understanding".

You need to understand a little

how your body works

to continue good habit by yourself.

To remember by body not by brain is important

but in order to be able to image more 

and input your habit in your brain,

I make summary in PDF 

about your habit or training detail.

I also use the summary to explain

 during our training 

and I will send you to review 

after our training.



Our body made in food that we eat.

I also tell basically things

how to control your nutrition

to continue healthy body.

If you like to do this,

we will exchange messages or pictures

for one month

in parallel with exercise training.

I will send PDF

that include information about diet

and advise every time.



Here is real feedback.

Thank you.

"I want to be flexible", 20 years old.

I got good opportunity to do stretch in my home.

I have known stretch is necessary for me 

but I couldn't do by myself.

I could do that 

because she tell me kindly during training. 

"I want to know how to use my body", 20 years old.

I have been worried

whether I can do correct or not

but she tell me every time and praise

so I'm easy to train.

"I want to make body less tired. ", 30 years old.

It was really a great study.

I learned body and nutrition

and understood

feeling contraction of abdominal muscle

for the first time since I was born.

"I want to walk beauty", 20 years old.

Her instruction is accurate

because she taught fascia connection.

I was surprised immediate effect that

I could do plank for the first time

in only 1 lesson.

"I want to make abdomen thin", 20 years old.

I would like to continue doing exercise 

because I understood how to build muscle.

I was easy to understand breathing rhythm

because she taught me every time during training.

In addition, I was also easy to understand

which muscle I should aware

or where parts I should contract. 

"I want to build a strong body", 40 years old.

I noticed that it is possible

to become ideal body or good posture 

from training.

I think this program is effective.

I couldn't continue to do exercise by myself

cause I give in to myself too easily

and I couldn't notice my habit by myself

 and I couldn't plan to build muscle

but I could do these with her.

Now, I can keep to aware core muscle 

while I walk or stand.