Training for Life

Personal Trainer

Physical Therapist


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I'm good at making body to use for whole life.

I will tell you foundation of the way 

to use your body.

You will use the way for life.

The course is full of follow up after the training 

with videos and PDF for reviews.

Our aim is independence.

You will get foundation in 6 times training.

Please apply only person 

who want to grow up seriously.

I will provide high quality training seriously.


The training could be done

in the comfort of your own home or in a hotel

should you demand.

I can travel within an hour from Tokyo by train.

Otherwise, a rental space is also possible

in case your own house is unavailable.

The fee, however,

will be at the expense of the client.

These conditions are flexible

and may change as per your request.
If you have any questions,

please feel free to contact me.

So first, I suggest to book the trial

to better understand the program.

Click here for the details.

- FAQ -

Q. Is it OK that my home is too small?

A. Of course, It's OK.

I will tell you exercise that 

you can do in your home.


The Personal Training is expensive than 

club in the gym or group lesson,

I think so too.

Merit of Personal Training is

that you can notice your habit.

In the case of alone or group lesson,

It is difficult to notice your habit.

In the cace of Personal Training,

you can notice that

and doing exercise after the course

would be pretty effective.

Not only that,

I strive my service is

proper worth with price.

The features are

1. Future prevention

I plan the course in order of priority 

after I assessment individually 

based on experience of physical therapist

and knowledge.

2. Making body on a daily basis

Your body in the future will express 

how you spend on daily basis.

I will teach you how to use your body 

in daily basis.

3. Anywhere and Anytime

You would get habit of 

doing exercise anywhere, anytime 

as long as you have your own body.

I can't do exercise here.

I can't do it now.

Wipe out the reason.

4. After follow

I will send PDF or videos 

after training.

I will make it 

that you are easy to understand.

I will react your questions or troubles

after the course as well.

I thought that paying for training

many times is expensive,

so I made this course you 

to be able to finish at least 6 times 

and get high quality menu.