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Training guided to useful body for life

I hope to less people

who suffer a hardship because of disorder.

I have seen a lot of people

who is crying not to be able to move.


Some of them could have been rescued

if they know how to use body when younger.


I act to rescue people

who may suffer a hardship.

I'm good at guiding posture improvement,

how to use body,

disability prevention especially due to aging

based on experiences of physical therapist.

I have no experiences of diet to be slim.

If you have a desire of experienced,

I'm sorry, please refrain.

(Height1.63cm, Weight45kg, Fat14.5%)

But I can tell habit from

my knowledge or experiences.


I'm good at finding the cause

and offer solution.

I will do my best in all sincerity.

Please leave it to me.

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